Thursday, October 16, 2008

Opera's MAMA

Opera is planning to launch a new search engine MAMA of its own kind at the end of the year.
MAMA (Metadata Analysis and Mining Application search engine) is a search engine for developers. It will help developers to identify the technology used behind website. It could help web developer to understand the current market trends.
MAMA crawls the Web, but instead of indexing the content of Web sites, as most search engines do, it discards the content and indexes the types of technologies being used on sites, such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), XHTML etc.
MAMA could be the effiective tool for developers and others to identify the market trends for using technologies.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First ever Made in India Microprocessor !!!

India launched its first microprocessor for the servers, through world’s largest chipmaker Intel. This was the first x86 microprocessor with 45nm technology from Intel which has been completely made by the team of 300 Indian's based in Intel's Bangalore research and development centre.

This new Intel Xeon 7400 series processor has up to six processing cores per chip, 16MB of shared cache memory and 1.9 billion transistors. Platforms based on these processors can scale up to 16 processor 'sockets' to deliver servers with up to 96 processing cores inside, offering scalability, ample computing threads and extensive memory resources, Intel said. It delivers almost 50 percent better performance in some cases, and up to 10 percent reduction in platform power, the company said.

Praveen Vishakantaiah, President, Intel India, said, “The quality of available talent, technology ecosystem and business potential are factors which make India a strategic business site for Intel. We have achieved a considerable degree of expertise in product design.”